Friday, January 14, 2011

Putting it in Perspective

So I had my little pitty party yesterday.

Today my husband went and talked to a bankruptsy lawyer. It seems that chapter 7 or 13 are not the answers for us. The lawyer did give us some paperwork we could file with the courts regarding setting up a payment plan. This should stop the garnishment. Yay! We did try to set up a payment plan and they wouldn't take less than $250 a month, which we couldn't afford. Now we may be able to set up something around $100 or $150. That is good.

I was thinking about ways to quickly come up with the money we needed and all I could come up with was asking people to mail me a dollar. Didn't it work for that one gal that had people mail her $1 so she could pay off her credit cards? Well today I did some blog surfing and what do I find...

Now, if you aren't familiar with Dawn she is the gal who had a witty ebay auction for some Pokemon cards her son threw in the shopping basket and this made her an internet sensation. She is hilarious and I have followed her blog on and off since then. She's going through some really tough times right now, worse than what I am dealing with, and I am glad to see that people are helping her out. I am amazed that she has had 300 some people donate money and raised over $10,000! See it can happen. Too bad I don't have any blog followers or an independantly wealthy lonely person that wants to adopt me.

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