Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I hate and!

Classmates: Would you like to know who the mystery person is who signed your guest book? Three people signed it already this month.

Crazy Lady: Ummm, sure.

Classmates: Oh you have to pay to see that.

Crazy Lady: Bite me. I don't want to know then.

I got suckered into that once. Paid to see who had emailed me and then paid again cause I didn't cancel and they auto renewed me. I don't have extra cash in my account for that crap. A 32 year old male from Georgia has searched for you.

Crazy Lady: I don't know anyone in Georgia. I don't think I do. Want to see who it is?

Crazy Lady: Ummm, sure. Oh you have to pay to see that.

Crazy Lady: Bite me. I don't want to know then.

I need new tires people. I can't afford to see who is looking for me that I don't really know at all or probably don't remember. If they really want to find me I can be googled without a problem. I think they have people who work for them do these searches to try and get you to pay. I really do. Maybe I can get a side job doing that to pay for some new tires...


So@24 said...


"Bite me. I don't want to know then."

Not enough people use "bite me" anymore. I might bring that back

Anonymous said...

Love it! Classmates makes my blood boil. I remember when it was an innocuous, albeit not very helpful site. Now it's gone full blown sleazy: billing for unathorized "gold memberships", billing for "auto renewals" you didn't know you were signed up for, and baiting you to "join" with fake lures of "see who is signing your guestbook". I filed a complaint with the Attorney General and found out there is a class action lawsuit. Not surprising. Baaaad business practices.

marcc said...

god, i hate them too. the endless email teases. glad to see others have the same opinion. seems like some one could make a free version of this, but ad-based.